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New Announcements!

Stemming from my commitment to providing my patients with the best care possible, at all times, that is personalized to a woman's specific history, I am brining in a new physician, Dr. Amy Teng, to join my practice.   She will be starting on August 1, 2014.  I am excited to have found in her someone who shares my goals in terms of patient care, takes a personalized approach to every patient, and takes the necessary time with each of you to make sure you get the care you need and that you remain central in your health care decisions.   Her addition to my practice will also allow more hours for appointments, including some evenings and more Saturdays.   It will also ensure that the person on call during evenings, weekends, and vacations will be a doctor you know and a doctor who knows you and has access to your records.  Most of you have already met Trinh Nguyen, NP.   An experienced nurse practitioner, she joined us in February of this year to help provide more hours, including Fridays, and to help get lab results and paperwork returned to you faster.  She has been a wonderful addition, allowing for patients to get all of the side education I feel important for women to have, in spite of increasingly busier patient schedule.

As we transition from an office of one doctor to an office of three providers, there are a lot of logistical changes coming.   The first of which is our new number:  650-988-8300.  As of 6/20/2014, our old number will no longer forward to our practice.  Please update your address books.

There will be a few other changes coming, schedule changes, online payment options, a new medical group name and website address.   We will try to keep updates to our Facebook page and Twitter accounts, however major contact changes (phone, website, address) will also go out by email and potentially paper mail.   Please be patient with us as we transition.


Welcome to the office of Sarah Azad, MD. At our office, we understand that women's health care includes much more than forms and labs.  During a woman's lifetime, she will deal with many unique issues, whether it is during adolescence, pregnancy, or during the perimenopausal or menopausal years.   We are committed to a very sensitive, personal approach to every patients problem, we take the necessary time to listen and get to know each of our patients, and we believe the best path to wellness is by keeping our patients educated and central in making their own decisions about their health.

You will find our office environment is comfortable and private.   We have up-to-date office technology that allows us to provide efficient, comprehensive, and cost-effective care.  Located in the Melchor Pavillion, we are direclty across the street from the Women's Hospital of El Camino Hospital. Our office staff will do it's best to make your visit smooth and enjoyable. 

The office of Dr. Azad offers complete obstetric and gynecologic care, as well as infertility and urogynecologic evaluation and treatment.  We see patients three days a week and we also Saturday appointments.  You can book your appoitnment online here or by contacting our office.

To share thoughts and comments, or to stay up to date on issues in women's health, check out our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter (@doctorazad), or check out Dr. Azad's Women's Health Blog!

California law requires disclosure of the following information:


  • Name and license: Sarah Azad, CA 93504
  • Highest level of academic degree: Medical Doctor (MD)
  • Board certification: BOARD CERTIFIED (American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology)

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